Indoor drama 'Encore Melaka' promotes exchanges on Maritime Silk Road
By Qi Jie, Yang Ran
Indoor drama "Encore Melaka" is part of the Impression Series produced by Chinese director Wang Chaoge and her team. 
Since its premiere last July, the show has achieved unprecedented success, attracting people from home and abroad to learn about the friendship and cultural exchanges between the ancestors living along the Maritime Silk Road. 
As the director puts it, the drama is a tribute to this particular region that witnessed the history of Asia.
How popular is 'Encore Melaka' today?
Six travel agencies in Malaysia have signed a three-year, three-million-U.S.-dollar ticketing agreement with Melaka. What's more, the drama is expected to attract around 20 million viewers this year, thanks to the dazzling performances presented by around 100 Chinese and more than 200 Malaysian artists.
A still from "Encore Melaka." /CGTN Photo

A still from "Encore Melaka." /CGTN Photo

"I don't think the Silk Road belongs to a certain country. It's a civilization for mankind and it's a very important route. Art is the language that people can easily understand. It's more than words. It's a bridge between different peoples, regions, and civilizations. As an artist, I believe this is exactly what I'm supposed to do," Wang said.
"Encore Melaka" even has its own dedicated theater, standing on the edge of the Straits of Melaka. The custom-built venue was designed to realize Wang's creative vision, allowing an astonishing array of sophisticated sets and immersing the viewers in the performance.
This is also Wang's first production outside China. She said two years of in-depth research and investigation on the history of this ancient city paid off.
"The point is we should present something from the perspectives of Malaysian and Melaka people. Deep down if we put our feet in their shoes and put their civilization in a very important position, we can produce something great that locals love and appreciate. Friendship is based on mutual respect and understanding," Wang said.
Melaka is a meeting point between the East and the West, while Encore Melaka is expected to be a new point for Asian and even global exchanges in today's time.