A Siberian tiger mom takes her two cubs out for a feast
An infrared camera recorded a female Siberian tiger together with her two cubs foraging in the wild in northeast China's Jilin Province on Monday.
The camera was set up by an observation station at Northeast China Tiger and Leopard Park in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. 
The female tiger gave birth to the two cubs in the winter of 2018. They were first caught on a camera on January 9 this year and since then cameras had filmed her with the cubs every week. 
Siberian tiger. /VCG Photo‍

Siberian tiger. /VCG Photo‍

China has intensified efforts to protect Siberian tigers in recent years, which has led to steady increases in the numbers of the big cat. Between 2012 and 2014, there are 27 Siberian tigers living in the wild in China.
Siberian tigers, also known as Amur or Manchurian tigers, are under China's top-level national protection. The creature mainly lives in eastern Russia, northeast China and the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. 
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(Cover image via VCG)
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