Reporter's diary: Singing China's stories
Updated 16:20, 29-Sep-2018
By Han Bin, Huang Xiaodong
China's four decades of growth has put it closer to the center stage of the world. How to effectively tell Chinese stories to the world is an increasingly difficult challenge for the country and its people. 
Opinions are divided among different groups trying to convey a true picture of China today. CGTN meets two Chinese bands in their 20s: CD REV in Chengdu, and NoTwoBros from the USA, who are striving to use music for cross-cultural communication.
CD Rev, in Beijing. /CGTN Photo

CD Rev, in Beijing. /CGTN Photo

CD Rev, also known as Tianfu Revolution, is a Chengdu-based rap group made up of Wang Zixin, Li Yijie, Tan Junwen and Luo Jinhui. Their song "This is China" have been viewed online millions of times and  widely discussed in the Western media.
“I think a good story can better convey the power of music,” said CD Rev's Wang.
“A lot of Western media criticize us, but in fact, we get a good response at home,” said Luo. “Foreigners recompose our Peking Opera and then add their own culture to it. Then if their music can convince Chinese people, they are incredible. I think we can also do likewise.”
“We need to let everyone communicate with each other, get along peacefully and create meaningful conversations. Then the world will get better and better,” said Tan. 
NoTwoBros at Beihai Park, Beijing. /‍CGTN Photo

NoTwoBros at Beihai Park, Beijing. /‍CGTN Photo

Liu Tianyi and Jin Yuchen usually appear together as the group “ NoTwoBrothers.” They have created a couple of original songs which aim to transcend the cultural differences between the East and West. Jin and Liu are graduates from two prestigious US universities.
“If you want to represent yourself, you have to take advantage of the Western culture. You have to accumulate credits. It's not just a one-day or one-year thing,” said Liu from NoTwoBros.
“This is the kind of music that will resonate in both Chinese community and the overseas community. That's our way of telling a Chinese story to a global audience,” said Jin.