CGTN Nature: Shennongjia series | Episode 5: A Fawn's Challenge
A splendid natural masquerade makes Shennongjia a fascinating and lively place in autumn.
Like the rest of its family and other inhabitants of this land, the recently weaned fawn has to forage on its own and prepare for the upcoming winter. With the leaves falling, the challenge for survival is imminent.

About CGTN Nature

In the eight-episode Shennongjia Series, we're presenting the special climate and stunning views of this region, as well as the inhabiting precious flora and fauna that are unique to China. Sichuan snub-nosed monkeys, the sika deer, the Chinese giant salamander, and the dove tree: Thousands of representative species gather here in an area of only 3,252 square kilometers. The global biodiversity brings into full play in the mountains and valleys of this wildlife paradise.

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