MOFA responds to Chinese student's controversial speech praising US
By Zhu Mei

2017-05-24 18:53 GMT+8

3km to Beijing

‍"Every Chinese citizen should be responsible for his or her remarks," said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang in response to the biased speech at University of Maryland given by Chinese student Yang Shuping.

During a routine press conference on Wednesday, Lu said he noted that the student had issued a public apology for her controversial speech in the US and had expressed her willingness to return to China after studying overseas.

"There are many Chinese students who are now studying abroad and their value and opinions may change. The Chinese government encourages, supports and welcomes those students who love and would like to contribute to their motherland," said Lu.

Yang's speech at her graduation praised the "fresh air" in the US and its open-minded society which enables conversations about prickly topics - but her words reinforced negative stereotypes about China. Her remarks sparked widespread outrage online. 


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