Hong Kong Legal Exchange Foundation to ask UN to probe U.S. involvement in riots
Updated 18:54, 16-Aug-2019
He Weiwei

Hong Kong Legal Exchange Foundation will propose an application to United Nations (UN) to investigate whether the U.S. is involved in Hong Kong’s recent riots, seniors of the foundation announced Friday at a press conference in Hong Kong. 

The foundation – as an ex parte applicant – applied for UN’s fact-finding inquires of U.S. institutions and personnel, including Julie Eadeh, an American diplomat in Hong Kong who was earlier caught meeting with Hong Kong’s protest activists Joshua Wong Chi-fung.

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The foundation, established in 2014, is a non-profit organization in Hong Kong

Kacee Ting, Vice Chairman of the Executive Council of the foundation told CGTN: "We have seen many details and facts, showing high degree of possibility that foreign forces have funded, sponsored, mastered and provided supplies and training to frontline protestors in Hong Kong."

Ting said if the application is accepted by the UN, the Chinese government will be informed to adopt the application formally.