King rat snake, the nontoxic snake that preys on its own venomous kind

Brown-skinned and stout, the king rat snake is a vigilante killer that eats birds, rodents, and other snakes, even venomous ones like cobras, kraits, and habus. Surprisingly, the king rat snake itself is nontoxic, resorting to strangulation to kill its prey.  In the wild, the king rat snake moves fast and gently, always ready to strike and bite. 

When the snake is picked up usually lets out a strong bad odor which got another name, "stink snake." CGTN Nature film crew captured precious footage of this snake in Changbai Mountains, in northeast China's Jilin Province. Watch the video to see this formidable predator.

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(Cover photo and video is taken by CGTN Nature film crew in Changbai Mountains in northeast China's Jilin Province.)

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