Congo cockatoo: 'Colorful parrots' hidden beneath leaves
By Zhao Ying

Mother Nature has decorated Africa's tropical rainforests with the most diverse and bright colors. Congo cockatoo is one of these blessed ones. The color of its parrot-beak-shaped flower ranges from red to yellow and green, making it unique in the verdant jungle.

The flower was first spotted on trees near the riverbank in 1896. It can bloom at any time of the year in mild climates. The plant can now be found from Cameroon through Central and East Africa, up to Tanzania in shady areas and can barely survive even a light frost.

You can now see this dazzling flower in the Botanic Garden at the Horticultural Expo in Beijing.

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(Cover photo via screenshot.)

(Video filmed by CGTN's Shen Hui, edited by CGTN's Zhao Ying)

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