Lovely garden cosmos bloom in NW China

When we see the word "cosmos," the first image that comes to mind is usually the universe. In Greek, the word "cosmos" means harmony or universe. but in the world of plants, there is one beautiful species that is called garden cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus ) that can light up your garden with its beautiful colors. 

The garden cosmos, which is native to the Americas, comes in many colors including pink, orange, white and lavender. The flowers bloom in summer and attract many visitors such as butterflies and bees. Today, the plant has found its way to most corners of the world.

Here are some photos of garden cosmos taken by CGTN in Qilian Mountain Range, northwest China.

Series Introduction:

Qilian Mountains – a world unto itself.

The Qilian Mountains are a critical mountain range in NW China, home to numerous animals and plants that the country considers to be treasures.

In this series, CGTN Nature takes you on a journey into the mountains, valleys, and deserts, presenting you the true Qilian.

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