Letters to the Editor: 'When they go low, you must go high'
Updated 19:32, 25-Aug-2020
Trevor Johnston
Image designer: Li Yueyun, CGTN

Image designer: Li Yueyun, CGTN

Editor's note: This is Trevor Johnston's letter to CGTN's host Liu Xin and her team after watching her live show "Headline Buster – The missing pieces of BBC's Hong Kong reports."

Hello, Ms. Xin and The Point with Liu Xin team!

Thanks so much for your efforts to present such well-reasoned Chinese perspectives on important world events.

I am a New Zealander fortunate enough to have traveled very frequently to China over many years and taken the time to study something of its history and culture.

I feel very saddened by the current resurrections of old Western prejudices and ignorance about today's China.

Please continue your efforts to maintain your open dialogue and constructive criticism of some of these errors in Western policies and attitudes – as frustrating as it must be at times.

Your voice is so important. Don't forget when they go low, you must go high. Don't stoop to the same simplistic and uninspected biases, which unfortunately characterize a lot of Western political attitudes, especially in the U.S. and the UK, towards China.

It's so important that every nation and its leaders focus on collaborating towards a better future for humanity, put aside ideological prejudices, and focus on the common good. It's a great shame that many Western political leaders and pundits can't respect or accept that China has a different but equally legitimate form of government.

The more we collaborate and learn from each other, the less important these apparent differences are, and the more obvious our common interests are. No country or system is perfect. We need to help each other, including constructive criticism.

Keep up your great work and expert dialogues!

Trevor Johnston

Auckland, New Zealand

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