Local authority: 6 recovered, no new cases from new pneumonia virus
Updated 22:42, 12-Jan-2020

As of Saturday midnight, no new cases have been reported from the recent pneumonia outbreak in central China's city of Wuhan, the local health commission announced on Sunday.

Among the 41 cases that have been confirmed thus far, six people have been discharged from hospital, seven are in critical condition, and one has been reported dead. All patients have been quarantined in a Wuhan hospital.

The virus that caused the outbreak was identified as a new type of coronavirus. SARS, MERS, and the bird flu have all been ruled out.

A total of 763 close contacts have been tracked, with 46 removed from medical observation. Among those close contacts, no related cases have been found, the local health commission said.

On Saturday, the National Health Commission said it will share the information on the genome sequence of a new-type coronavirus detected in the viral pneumonia cases with the World Health Organization to safeguard global health security.

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