We should have taken stronger measures earlier: Wuhan CPC Secretary
Updated 10:53, 01-Feb-2020
By Gong Zhe

Wuhan should have taken stronger measures before the novel coronavirus spread to other places, Wuhan Communist Party Secretary Ma Guoqiang told CCTV in an exclusive interview.

"I feel ashamed of myself. Should we have taken strong measure earlier, the situation will be much better," he said.

Screenshot of Ma Guoqiang, Wuhan Communist Party Secretary, talking about the coronavirus outbreak in the city.

Screenshot of Ma Guoqiang, Wuhan Communist Party Secretary, talking about the coronavirus outbreak in the city.

The city's leadership has been faulted on social media for disclosing the outbreak too late, which led to an over-optimistic estimation from experts analyzing the coronavirus.

"The coronavirus spread to other provinces and countries, partly due to our indecisiveness," he added.

Donation details will be disclosed "every three days"

Ma also talked about donations to Wuhan from around the world.

"We will require charity organizations to disclose donation details every three days," Ma said, adding that details on "the sources and content of the donations, and how they are distributed" will be available online. 

Medical equipment supply in Wuhan is now under a "dynamic balance," according to Ma.

"We cannot guarantee the supply is enough at all moments," Ma told CCTV. "We have enough now. But we don't know if that's still true in the next two hours."

Meanwhile, more doctors and nurses are still desperately needed, with Ma calling for more support.

Spring Festival Holiday extends to at least February 13

In addition to the national requirement to extend Spring Festival vacations from Thursday to Sunday, Wuhan's school and factories will stay closed until at least February 13.

"We will check the situation again at that time and decide whether to further extend the vacations," Ma said. 

"Detailed and thorough" plan for charter flight passengers

Wuhan is bringing back local residents stranded in foreign countries using charter flights. Ma said the city has a comprehensive plan to protect the residents.

"Everyone will be checked on body temperature. Everyone will be sent to the doorstep of their home," Ma promised. "The rest of the stranded will also be brought back to their hometown in the same manner."

Ma said Wuhan residents in other places across China are also concerned. "There will be a collective operation," he told CCTV.

(Cao Qingqing also contributed to the story.)