Where U.S. retreats, China will advance: UK politician on virus fight

In the most profound crisis of the 21st century, world leaders are working hand in hand with Chinese President Xi Jinping to overcome great adversity, UK Labour activist Joshua Y. Jackson tweeted on Sunday.

He stressed that world leaders have welcomed China's material aid, medical expertise and advice.

"Where the U.S. retreats, China will advance," he wrote.

Screenshot from Josh Jackson's Twitter account

Screenshot from Josh Jackson's Twitter account

The UK politician also retweeted a report on President Xi's messages with leaders of France, Spain, Germany and Serbia on Saturday. 

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said on Thursday that local governments of Chinese cities and provinces have donated epidemic prevention supplies, such as medical masks, protective clothing and nucleic acid testing kits, to sister cities in 16 countries.

The countries include South Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy, Pakistan, Iraq, France, Switzerland and Germany. The donations were made through international friendship cities and other channels, Geng said.