Story of Fighting COVID-19: From expo hall to field hospital in Madrid
Global Stringer

Institución Ferial de Madrid (IFEMA), or Madrid convention center, has now been transformed into a field hospital to treat coronavirus patients. Two exhibition halls are already packed with patients and a third is being refurbished. Captain Izard, a captain with the sappers of the paratrooper brigade, is in charge of all the work at the IFEMA field hospital.

It's a challenging job, with around 40 people stationed there working from dawn to dusk, setting up beds, outfitting the facilities, taking care of logistics, etc. With the current strain on hospitals in the city, they need to work hard, swiftly and efficiently.

Captain Izard wishes for the crisis to finally come to an end and said if he could travel to Seville, he'll visit his family.

Stringer: Lizzi