China launches 6th measuring of Mount Qomolangma height
Updated 15:49, 10-May-2020

China on Thursday started a new round of measurement of the height of Mount Qomolangma, which is the world's highest peak. 

The announcement was made at a briefing by the Chinese Ministry of Natural Resources at the 5,200-meter-high base camp on Mount Qomolangma.

A survey team formed of members from the First Geodetic Brigade under the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation and from the Chinese Mountaineering Team are expected to begin their climb to the top of the world's highest mountain in May after training.

The measurement will combine the use of satellite, accurate leveling and snow-level radar technologies and the result will be used in geodynamics research.

Moreover, data obtained including the height of the mount top, snow depth, meteorology and wind speed will offer a first-hand reference point for glacier monitoring and ecological protection.

China has conducted measurements and scientific exploration on Mount Qomolangma six times and announced its height, 8848.13 and 8844.43 meters above sea level, in 1975 and 2005, respectively.

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