Facts Tell: How expensive is COVID-19 testing and treatment worldwide?

On May 13, Wuhan started free nucleic acid testing and screening for all residents. 'Time' interviewed COVID-19 patient Danni Askini in U.S. after she received a 34,927 U.S. dollar bill after her testing and treatment.

The Policy Times has shown the differing costs for nucleic acid testing and treatment in different countries.

Not only is testing free in China, but any cost related to COVID-19 treatment that is not covered by personal insurance is also borne by the government. 

In the United States, the test is also free, but the additional cost related to its treatment can go as high as 30,000 U.S. dollars. 

The NHS is testing suspected cases for free, but testing by private facilities in the UK can cost as much as 375 Pounds. (460 U.S. dollars)

Testing in state-sponsored hospitals is completely free in India but some private labs are charging Rs 4500 for the test. (60 U.S. dollars)