China rebuts U.S. threat on national security legislation for HKSAR
Updated 23:08, 22-May-2020

China defended the legitimacy of the draft of national security law for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) submitted to the National People's Congress (NPC) on Friday and rebutted U.S. President Donald Trump's claim that the U.S. would act "very strongly" if the bill was approved.

The survival and development of a country is based on the premise of ensured national security, said the Chinese Foreign Ministry in a statement released on Friday.

The institution stressed in the statement that Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China and Hong Kong affairs are purely China's internal affairs.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry underlined in the statement that NPC establishes and completes both the legal system and enforcement mechanism for safeguarding national security in the HKSAR at the national level in accordance with the Constitution and Hong Kong's Basic Law.

The reality is, the statement pointed out, since the start of the Hong Kong unrest in 2019, Hong Kong separatists have been aggressively stepping up their actions with increasingly violent riots. External forces and the "Taiwan independence" activists have been blatantly interfering in Hong Kong affairs, challenging Hong Kong's public safety and the "One Country, Two Systems" principle and posing concrete threats to China's national security, the statement said.

Thus, introducing the bill is a necessary move to safeguard the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of China, and to build a solid foundation for the "One Country, Two Systems" principle.

File photo of Hong Kong

File photo of Hong Kong

The bill is meant to protect the majority of law-abiding Hong Kong residents and the legitimate rights of foreign organizations and their members in Hong Kong, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry statement.

China's central government bears the heaviest and ultimate responsibility for safeguarding the country's national security. And only when the national security is ensured, can Hong Kong's stability and prosperity be guaranteed, the statement added.

"No foreign country is entitled to interfere (in Hong Kong affairs)," the statement said, stressing China's stance on the issue. "The Chinese government is determined to safeguard its sovereignty rights, security and developmental interests, to unswervingly implement the policy of 'One Country, Two Systems,' and to strongly oppose any foreign forces meddling in Hong Kong affairs." 

The draft decision on establishing and improving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for the HKSAR to safeguard national security was submitted to the third session of the 13th NPC for deliberation on Friday.

The introduction of the bill came after Hong Kong was embroiled in prolonged riots last year as the city's opposition attempted to create a "color revolution."


The Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council earlier Friday also explained the necessity of the bill in a statement.

Establishing and improving at the national level the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for HKSAR to safeguard national security will lay a solid institutional foundation for the steady and enduring growth of the cause of "One Country, Two Systems," said the central government spokesperson in the statement.

"It is very timely, imperative and important for the National People's Congress (NPC) to make the decision," the spokesperson stressed in the statement. 


On the same day, the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the HKSAR also commented that the ongoing agenda is an imperative move to close the legal loopholes in the SAR concerning national security.

The move is fundamental to ensuring that "One Country, Two Systems" goes steady and far, said a spokesperson.

It fully reflects the strong will and firm determination of the central government to safeguard national security. It also fully demonstrates the resolute defending of and utmost care for the overall interests of Hong Kong and the fundamental well-being of Hong Kong compatriots, the spokesperson said.

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The Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China in Hong Kong said Friday the security law is necessary to secure Hong Kong's prosperity and stability and guarantee the implementation of "One Country, Two Systems." 

A spokesperson for the commissioner highlighted the increasingly grave national security situation in the HKSAR in recent years, especially the unrest following the proposed ordinance amendments last year, noting that these illegal activities have seriously challenged the bottom line of the "One Country, Two Systems" principle and harmed national sovereignty. 

The spokesperson said Hong Kong is an inseparable part of China and the central government has the responsibility to safeguard national security in Hong Kong. 

The spokesperson said the Chinese government is rock-firm in safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests, in implementing the policy of "One Country, Two Systems," and in opposing any foreign interference in Hong Kong affairs. 

(With input from Xinhua)