Wang Yi: Serving the people is the abiding mission of Chinese diplomats

Wang Yi, Chinese state councilor and foreign minister, answered questions on China's consular protection during the COVID-19 epidemic at the press conference of the third session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) on Sunday.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the well-being of overseas Chinese nationals has always been close to the heart of the motherland, and the Foreign Ministry and Chinese diplomatic and consular missions all over the world have swung into action and worked all out on an unprecedented operation to provide consular protection for Chinese nationals wherever they are in the world.

He also pointed out that serving the people is the abiding mission of Chinese diplomats. The past few months have been an extraordinary time for China and Chinese diplomats. China's entire diplomatic service, from heads of missions to everyone at Chinese embassies and consulates, have acted with a strong sense of responsibility and dedication to their job.

Wang also briefed the specific work that the Foreign Ministry and Chinese diplomatic and consular missions have done to protect Chinese citizens during their work. The staff have contacted Chinese citizens in various countries to give them necessary help. In addition, the relevant departments arranged video links with well-known domestic experts to teach overseas students about epidemic prevention and control.

In addition, the Foreign Ministry and Chinese diplomatic and consular missions have coordinated more than 20 teams of medical experts to go to other countries to provide guidance to overseas citizens and overseas Chinese.

Wang Yi also said that China pays special attention to the safety of every overseas student, and has made every effort to deliver more than a million "health packs" with medical necessities to the students.

At the beginning of the epidemic, China sent chartered planes to take back Chinese citizens stranded overseas. After the serious outbreak of the pandemic overseas, China also arranged flights to bring back compatriots in various regions in an orderly manner.

"A word to our fellow Chinese abroad: whatever happens, the motherland is always behind you, and the Chinese diplomatic and consular missions will always be there for you," said Wang Yi.

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