Hubei's soon-to-be graduates can return to school starting June 8

The soon-to-be graduates in the colleges of central China's Hubei Province can return to schools starting June 8, according to local authorities.

The Hubei provincial COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control headquarters announced on Monday that higher educational institutions can arrange their soon-to-be graduates for bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, as well as senior students in higher vocational schools, to return in batches, if the students are willing to do so.

The decision was made upon the epidemic prevention and control condition in China and the epidemic situation at home and abroad.

According to the announcement, students who have scientific research tasks can also return to their colleges. But all returning students must not have any recent international travel history.

Colleges themselves can decide on the specific returning time.

Students of other grades may not return to classes until further notice.

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