Li Keqiang underscores one-China principle in cross-Strait relations
Updated 20:47, 28-May-2020

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday that the Chinese mainland's policies in handling relations across the Taiwan Straits are consistent, underscoring adherence to the one-China principle and the 1992 Consensus and opposition to "Taiwan independence."

On the basis of these principles, the Chinese mainland is ready to have dialogue and consultation with various political parties, organizations and personages in Taiwan to promote peaceful development of cross-Strait relations and peaceful reunification across the Straits, he stressed.

Li made the remarks at the annual press conference after the closing of the third session of the 13th National People's Congress.

Noting that the Taiwan question is China's internal affair, Li reiterated opposition to any interference by external forces.

There has been no loss of life to COVID-19 among Taiwan compatriots working and living on the mainland, he said. 

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When delivering a government work report last Friday, Li stressed the mainland's resolute opposition to any separatist activities that seek "Taiwan independence," adding that it will improve institutional arrangements, policies and measures to encourage cross-Straits exchanges and cooperation, deepen cross-Straits integrated development and protect the wellbeing of Taiwan compatriots. 

He called for joint efforts to oppose "Taiwan independence" and promote China's reunification.