Hainan Tropical Rain-forest National Park 2: All for Yinggeling
Updated 17:00, 29-May-2020
By Chen Chen

In this year's discussion on wildlife protection during the Two Sessions, Liu Lei, head of the management station of the Yinggeling National Nature Reserve, noted that the efforts being made are not enough.

His concern has been shared by Zhu Lieyu, deputy to the 13th National People's Congress, who has brought a few motions on wildlife to the sessions.

Liu Lei and his team members talked with Zhu Lieyu and a biological law expert.

National Parks Have Their Say

During this year's“Two Sessions”, topics of wildlife protection have been brought up by both NPC deputies and CPPCC members, as the novel coronavirus was initially believed to be linked to game meat consumption. For people who have been working in national parks, what's on their minds? What do they expect from the discussions in Beijing? How do the experts and NPC deputies respond to their concerns? 

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(Cover image designed by Du Chenxin)

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