Highlights: China issues white paper on COVID-19 fight
Updated 11:54, 07-Jun-2020

China on Sunday issued a white paper on the country's battle against COVID-19. 

The document, titled "Fighting COVID-19: China in Action," was issued by the State Council Information Office. 

Consisting of four chapters, the white paper explains China's prevention, control and treatment efforts in the battle against the virus, as well as the efforts made at a global level in international cooperation. 

Here are some highlights:

The command system in China

A centralized and efficient command system forms a strong guarantee for China to win the all-out people's war against COVID-19, the white paper detailing China's fight against the disease stated.

All local authorities and sectors follow the leadership and instructions of the central authorities, perform their respective duties and cooperate with each other, the white paper noted.

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All-out effort to treat patients

From early outbreak to an all-out nationwide effort to save as many lives as possible, the Chinese Government has taken the most comprehensive, the strictest and the most thorough prevention and control measures to combat the coronavirus outbreak, according to the white paper.

Science, technology crucial in COVID-19 combat

Science and technology have always been the most powerful weapon used by mankind to combat epidemics, and China has made full use of the weapon to win the battle against COVID-19, according to the white paper.

It elaborated the country's efforts in combating the novel coronavirus and engaging in international cooperation over the past several months.

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Intl cooperation and information sharing

China has vowed to continue advocating globalization and multilateralism amid the coronavirus pandemic and in its aftermath, said the white paper.

The coronavirus pandemic has reshaped the narrative of globalization, but cooperation is still important. The white paper pointed out that some countries are promoting the ideas of "decoupling," "erecting walls," and "deglobalization," which will not only tear the world apart, but also harm the proponent countries.

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China's transparency on COVID-19

China has released information on COVID-19 in an open and transparent manner as required by law, said the white paper.

"It released authoritative and detailed information as early as possible on a regular basis," stated the white paper, "thus effectively responding to public concern and building public consensus."

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