The Global Guardians: How a hospital in China works in post-COVID-19 times
Global Stringer

How does a hospital in China work in post-COVID-19 times? Beijing downgraded its emergency response to level three, but it's still necessary to wear masks in places such as train stations or hospitals where there are many people. Wei Aimei, a pre-screening triage staff member in Pinggu Hospital of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said the government is allowing people to restart their business, but she and the rest of the medical personnel are the hospital's first line of defense, for the safety of all patients and medical personnel, they must stick to their post.

Wei and her colleagues teach patients to wear masks correctly, focus on overseas visitors when checking people's trips in recent weeks. In addition, it's also important to guide people to keep a meter distance in front of all charging windows, pharmacy windows, registration offices and reception desks, etc. All the public areas including waiting area, consulting rooms are also being disinfected every afternoon.