City of Wild: The Chinese trumpet vine in Beijing Hutong

The Chinese trumpet vine (C. grandiflora) is one of the most common flowers found in Beijing Hutongs. Even though the flowering plant is a poor climber, the narrow alleys, tall trees and wooden frames have provided the Chinese trumpet vine an ideal environment to grow. As the vine can produce spectacular branches of brilliant scarlet flowers in orange and red, many pollinators including, insects and birds, hover around the plant.

About 'City of Wild'

Nature does not only exist in faraway mountains and oceans, but also in urban cities and our daily life. In the new series City of Wild, CGTN not only unfolds a world of wildlife you've never noticed, but also shares a concept of this year's CBD COP 15 theme: "Ecological Civilization – Building a Shared Future for All Life on Earth."

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(Video filmed by CGTN Nature film crew. Cover image is a screenshot.)

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