Wang Yi: Xi's UN remarks place 'far-reaching' impact on international landscape
Updated 14:23, 02-Oct-2020

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi hailed President Xi Jinping's important statements made on high-level meetings marking the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, saying it reflects China's firm commitment to multilateralism and global vision as a major country.

Wang made the remarks on Friday when giving an overview of Xi's participation and statements at the United Nations. According to Wang, Xi's words outlined China's answer to key questions as what kind of a world humanity will face in the post-COVID era, what role China will play in the world and what kind of an international order the world expects.

Noting the remarks have been welcomed and widely accepted by the international community, Wang specified six areas that Xi's statements and proposals will place positive and far-reaching impact on international landscape both now and in the future.

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The 75th session of the UN General Assembly opens at the UN headquarters in New York, U.S., September 15, 2020. /Getty Images

The 75th session of the UN General Assembly opens at the UN headquarters in New York, U.S., September 15, 2020. /Getty Images

New impetus to global COVID-19 cooperation

Wang began by highlighting China's contribution to global cooperation on the fight against COVID-19 as Xi's proposal of fighting the virus under solidarity demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of humanity.

China was among the first to stem the spread of the coronavirus and reopen the economy, its sharing of experience and information serve as useful reference to other countries and help reinforced countries' confidence and strengths in defeating the virus, said Wang.

The foreign minister pointed out that China's strong call for international assistance under the crucial leadership role of the World Health Organization shows China's commitment to multilateralism that went beyond borders.

President Xi also drew attention to the needs of developing countries, especially African countries, noted Wang by referring to Xi's announcement of making vaccines a global public good and putting developing countries as the priority regarding vaccine deployment. According to Wang, it shows China's fulfilment to its responsibility as a major country.

New consensus on the reform of the global governance system

In Wang's view, Xi's remarks also set out China's stance on global governance by setting tone for the reform of the global governance system.

President Xi stressed the UN has stood one test after another, Wang pointed out, adding Xi's call for justice, multilateralism and cooperation under the guidance of the purposes and principles of the UN Charter epitomizes the great expectations of the global community on the UN.

"President Xi's resounding statements struck a chord with the majority of the international community, and charted the right course for reforming the global governance system," said Wang.

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi takes an interview with China Central Television, October 2, 2020. /Chinese Foreign Ministry

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi takes an interview with China Central Television, October 2, 2020. /Chinese Foreign Ministry

New proposals for global economic recovery

Noting COVID-19 has plunged the world economy into the most serious recession since World War II, Wang believed that Xi's proposal reflects China's commitment to openness and integration, win-win cooperation, reform and innovation.

According to Wang, the powerful statements demonstrate "China's vision and sense of responsibility to forge ahead against all odds and charted the future course for the world economy."

"As illustrated by President Xi, burying one's head in the sand like an ostrich in the face of economic globalization or trying to fight it with Don Quixote's lance goes against the trend of history," said Wang, urging the international community to remain committed to an open world economy and the multilateral trading regime with the World Trade Organization as the cornerstone.

Speaking of Xi's words that countries should view each other as members of the same big family, Wand said these statements reflected China's openness and readiness to share its huge market with the rest of the world, and projected its image as a responsible country promoting win-win cooperation through real actions.

New benchmark for global ecological progress

Wang also underscored the profound influence of Xi's statements in green development by appealing to a green revolution to create a green way of development and life.

At high-level meetings, Xi put forward four proposals: to increase the drive for building a beautiful world, build a synergy for global governance on environment, increase the potential for high-quality economic recovery after COVID-19, and strengthen the power of action to tackle challenges to the environment.

These insightful views and important announcements, according to Wang, have contributed to the promotion of global ecological progress.

The foreign minister spoke highly of Xi's announcement that the country strives to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060, stressing that these ambitious targets have shown to the world that China is firmly committed to the new development philosophy and stands ready to make new contributions to global climate response.

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New impetus for the global cause of women's development

Wang attributed the important role Chinese women play in the country's development to the great support from the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government, which made gender equality a basic state policy since the founding of the People's Republic of China.

He said that women's development in China has also been a unique contribution to the global cause of women over the past decades, which will chart the course for the all-round development of women.

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New sense of responsibility in support of the core role of the UN

China has long been a supporter of the UN's central role in the international order, said Wang, noting China is also the second-largest contributor to the UN's regular budget and peacekeeping budget.

At this year's General Assembly, President Xi announced a set of new initiatives and measures to provide more funding to UN agencies and Trust Fund, these moves, according to Wang, are part of China's proactive efforts to advance global peace and development.

"They are also solid actions taken by China to support multilateralism," Wang added.

Wang believed that the new statements and proposals by President Xi at this year's General Assembly further enriched and expanded Xi Jinping thought on diplomacy in both theory and practice.

"With their theoretical and epoch-making significance, they will provide a powerful intellectual boost to China's diplomatic work in the future," the foreign minister added.