World Internet Conference recognizes 14 achievements of past year
By Gong Zhe
Screenshot from WIC official website

Screenshot from WIC official website

The 2020 World Internet Conference announced their selection of 14 leading internet technology and science achievements in the past year on Monday in the Chinese water town of Wuzhen. Here's their selection:

1. Intelligent Twins from Huawei

2. The Surface Duo dual-screen smartphone from Microsoft

3. ACE Transportation Engine from Baidu

4. The IKS1000GP industrial network gateway from Kaspersky

5. Smart minimally invasive surgery (MIS) equipment by a team from Hefei University of Technology

6. Satellite network technology by GalaxySpace

7. Journey 2 AI processor for automotive by Horizon Robotics

8. Snapdragon X55 5G modem by Qualcomm

9. Darwin NPU 2 by Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Lab

10. Air217 by RINA Europa

11. A new-generation enterprise network safety framework by Qi An Xin Technology

12. Network mapping system by Qihoo 360

13. Shenlong architecture for virtual computers by Alibaba Cloud

14. China Environment of Network Innovation by Jiangsu Future Network Innovation Institute

Special recommendations

Four achievements received special attention from the selection committee. They are:

- System hierarchy for brain-inspired computing by Tsinghua University: The basic concept is to make computers – which in Chinese language are called "electronic brains" – think like actual brains. This technology has made it to the Nature journal.

- Man-machine coordination system by CloudWalk Technology: This technology is a bit like the concept of "human-in-the-loop" which refers to a system design that treats user interactions as part of the system itself. Basically, it's a human-machine interaction powered by AI.

- Beidou-based safety and service system for vehicles and boats by the China Transport Telecommunications & Information Center (CCTIC): Beidou is the Chinese version of GPS, which is now common on smartphones across the world. What the CTTIC did was to build a network service that provides traffic information and safety guides to vehicles with local satellite positioning tech.

- Loongson 3A4000/3B4000 CPU chip by Loongson Technology: Loongson is a possible Chinese replacement for "Intel Inside." Though Loongson chips are much slower than modern Intel chips at the moment, the company has managed to write a new CPU structure that is not Intel x86, Arm, IBM Power or any foreign standards. As the Chinese people increasingly emphasize locally-developed computers, Loongson is getting unprecedented attention.

Anti-pandemic achievements

The board also selected five achievements in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

- VooV Meeting by Tencent

- Big data platform for pandemic control and economic resumption by China Academic of Electronics and Information Technology

- Distributed, open-source COVID-19 close contact alert system by SAP China

- National sci-tech resource service system for COVID-19 by the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

- Meituan unmanned delivery solution by Beijing Sankuai Online Technology

This is the fifth time that the conference has released a list of remarkable achievements. Check out the lists of 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016.