Fenjiezhou Island: An islet bordering north and south Hainan

Fenjiezhou Island in Lingshui Li Autonomous County is a landmark and a climate boundary of north and south Hainan. As the southmost island province of China, the climate of Hainan varies from subtropical to fully tropical. And the temperature change is obvious when people drive across the Fenjiezhou from the north to the south.

As a scenic spot, the gorgeous islet still remains isloated from the world.

About 'Go! Hainan' series

Featuring unspoiled tropical rainforests, sandy beaches and a rich culture, Hainan Province is the southernmost island province of China. Nicknamed "China's Hawaii," Hainan is on its way to becoming a free trade port. The "Go! Hainan" livestream series takes you on a new journey to explore the fantastic island and its underwater world. 

(Images taken by CGTN Nature filming crew, cover image designed by Yu Peng)

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