Fenjiezhou Island takes measures to protect underwater tropical 'rainforests'

Coral reef ecosystems are known as underwater "tropical rainforests." In order to restore the seabed ecology, conservation work has been carried out on Fenjiezhou Island since 2004, including coral transplantation, bans on illegal fishing and raising awareness about the significance of the protection of coral reefs. The current coral coverage has reached 34 percent in the tourist area, and 40-50 percent in the diving area.

About 'Go! Hainan' series

Featuring unspoiled tropical rain forests, sandy beaches and a rich culture, Hainan Province is the southernmost island province of China. Nicknamed "China's Hawaii," Hainan is on its way to becoming a free trade port. The "Go! Hainan" livestream series takes you on a new journey to explore the fantastic island and its underwater world.

(Video provided by Fenjiezhou Island, cover image designed by CGTN's Yu Peng)

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