No One Left Behind: Poverty alleviation needs everyone's input

All enterprises, major ones, in particular, shoulder social responsibility. Many enterprises are making donations to build roads, schools, or set up funds. While the growth of industry follows market principles. What we need to focus on is enterprise motivation. 

Under a perfect market mechanism, enterprises, cooperatives, or qualified investors will want to cooperate with those who are capable, since it is more efficient. It takes policy support and motivation for them to cooperate with poor households. We are consolidating all resources to achieve the best results for everyone. To achieve a win-win situation.

China's poverty alleviation is led by the government with participation of all social entities, which includes the market entities. It does not work without market participation. Governments need to mobilize all resources to upgrade poverty alleviation systems and mechanisms. That is very important. On the other hand, we cannot to win the battle against poverty simply by relying on the government.

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