China to engage in COVID-19 origin-tracing in global perspective
Updated 22:10, 23-Jul-2021

China would like to participate proactively in tracing the origin of COVID-19 in a global perspective, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian on Friday.

The joint WHO-China study report on COVID-19 origin-tracing published in March has reached a clear conclusion and scientific suggestion, based on which the future origin-tracing work should be carried out in multiple countries and regions, Zhao added.  

Zhao made the remarks in response to a query on attempts by some people in the United States to push the WHO to carry out the second-phase origin-tracing investigation in China, saying the plan was dubious of political manipulation.

China hopes that the WHO can adhere to the spirit of science, professionalism and objectivity and work with the international community to jointly uphold the scientific integrity of studying the origin of COVID-19, resist the headwind of politicization and safeguard the sound atmosphere of the global anti-epidemic cooperation, said Zhao. 

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(Cover: A file photo of China's Foreign Ministry building in Beijing. /CFP)

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