'China in the Classics' – Laozi finally understands the 'way'
Updated 23:07, 23-Dec-2021

"China in the Classics," an innovative cultural show produced by CMG, examines stirring stories of some of the most outstanding ancient Chinese classics through seminars, drama and visualization. The show brings the classics "alive," demonstrating Chinese wisdom, ethos and values.

In this episode, it suddenly begins to rain and Li Er, the real name of Chinese philosopher Laozi, finally understands the "way" – the benefits the way of Heaven, the way of Earth and the way of Man bring to all things should be like water. Young Confucius goes to consult Laozi about a question. Laozi says the "way" is not followed and people should learn from water which nurtures all things under heaven.

Years later, a strife within the royal family puts the Royal Library in peril. Soldiers acting under orders try to remove the classics. Qi Qing, Laozi's good friend at the Royal Library, is killed while trying to stop the soldiers. The destruction of the Royal Library and death of the close friend makes Laozi very sad.

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