'China in the Classics': Young Laozi studies classics at Royal Library of Zhou
Updated 23:10, 23-Dec-2021

"China in the Classics," an innovative cultural show produced by CMG, examines stirring stories of some of the most outstanding ancient Chinese classics through seminars, drama and visualization. The show brings the classics "alive," demonstrating Chinese wisdom, ethos and values.

In this episode, Li Er, the real name of Chinese philosopher Laozi, and his friend Qi Qing become archivists at the Royal Library. He immerses himself in the classics. Reading a book about Emperor Yao, he feels Yao is talking to him, and when he dives in a book about Shang, King Tang seems to have come alive. The grand historian tells him that the classics are like a lamp, and can shed some light on the "way" he seeks.

In middle-age, Li still hasn't understood the "way." When he goes to visit his teacher Shang Rong, who is seriously ill, Shang encourages him to look for the wisdom that can bring order out of chaos. He hopes Li can safeguard the lamp for the continuation of civilization.

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