The beginning of autumn: the beauty of autumn hides in your hair

Liqiu, the beginning of autumn, is the thirteenth of the 24 solar terms on Chinese lunar calendar. It signifies the end of summer and is also the first solar term in autumn, marking the beginning of the season. 

There is a famous lyric poem that depicts an autumn night. It was written by Du Mu from the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Let's check out how to write it. ↓↓↓


Autumn has chilled the painted screen in candlelight; 
A palace maid uses a fan to catch fireflies. 
The steps seem steeped in water when cold grows the night. 
She sits to watch two stars in love meet in the sky.

Autumn means the dissipation of heatwaves and the arrival of coolness. The heatwaves of summer get gently dissolved by the autumn breeze.

However, the period of early summer is unreasonably hot, and how to describe the changeable weather over this time?

Traditionally, we call the early autumn "Indian summer".

Apart from being hot, the atmosphere during Indian summer is hazy or smoky; there is no wind, and the temperature during the day and night swings substantially.

"Indian summer" also means a pleasant or successful time nearly at the end of someone's life, job or another period.

Let's start to find the autumn breeze around us!

How about putting on your Horse Face skirt and spinning around?
The beauty of autumn hides in your hair, so please join us and show us your best dress!

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See you in my next episode!

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