'Oh! My Greens' Ep. 6: An illustrator's fairytale-like wonderland

Maomao is an illustrator. She used to run an online succulent business in south China's Shenzhen City. But now, she has moved to Yunnan's Dali City with her family and owns this fairytale-like garden. Our photographer Liang Si visits Maomao, bringing us an episode of her wonderland. 

About 'Oh! My Greens'

What is a garden? It is a utopia that carries our dreams for a better life. It is an art that reflects our understanding of beauty. It restores our connection with the land. But is that all? In this series, Liang Si, a photographer who fell in love with plants, visits 100 people living with plants to explore why people garden, how to garden and the stories behind gardens.

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(Cover image designed by Liu Shaozhen)

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