Foresight 2023: China's foreign trade shows remarkable resilience, surpasses expectations

Editor's note: As part of our special coverage on the  2023 Two Sessions, CGTN is launching a special series called Foresight 2023 to help you better understand the state of the Chinese economy. We talked to several chief economists and chief China economists of leading financial institutions to get their perceptions on the country's growth, trade, investment, and development prospects.

Despite the downward pressure on exports and shrinking demand from across the world, China's foreign trade remained resilient during the first two months of this year. In an interview with CGTN, Robin Xing, the Chief China Economist of Morgan Stanley said that the latest trade data shows that China’s share of global exports remains at over 50% and there should be no worries about the country losing its competitiveness to other global competitors. The bigger task for policymakers this year, would be to evolve effective strategies to boost domestic demand and circulation, Xing said.

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