'Finding True America': No showers and healthcare in U.S. immigration detention center
Global Stringer

In recent years, humanitarian crises related to border immigration have frequently occurred in the U.S. Migrant deaths, human smuggling and detention abuses have long existed. The bodies of more than 890 migrants, a record number, were recovered by U.S. authorities along the border in the 2022 fiscal year that ended September 30, according to the Biden administration, a 58-percent increase over 2021.

CGTN interviews Alvin Sevilla, a Nicaraguan who tried to immigrate to the U.S. and was also the victim of human smuggling and immigration detention. He talked about his experience in one U.S. immigration detention center, which, with a maximum capacity of 80-100 people, held around 600 people. Immigrants there had no access to showers and healthcare.

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