INHERITORS: Xiangxi Miao Drum Dance

Xiangxi Miao Drum Dance is spread in Jishou City and Fenghuang, Luxi, Baojing, Huayuan, Guzhang and other counties within the territory of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Hunan Province, is one of the national intangible cultural heritage. 

According to historical records, the Miao drum dance originated from before the Han Dynasty and was produced in the sacrifice activities of the Miao ethnic group. With the changes of the times, Miao drum dance has become the favorite dance art form of the Miao people.

There are dozens of types of Miao drum dance in western Hunan. The common ones are flower dance, monkey dance, women's single dance, men's single dance, and reunion dance. These dances have distinctive characteristics. The performers dance with drums, the rhythm is bright, the hands alternately beat the drums, the two feet are alternately jumped, the whole body is constantly twisted, and the movements are stretched and generous. Monkey drums dance are dexterous and changeable, funny and humorous; flower drums are gentle and charming, and have a soft body; men and women drums are mostly knee-cropped and short, bold and vigorous; women drums have flexible steps and implicit lyricism; reunion drums are grand, exciting and lively. 

Since ancient times, the performance of Miao drum dance has contained the pious beliefs of the Miao people and the national spirit of courage to create and fight hard. The protection and development of the Miao drum dance in western Hunan is of great significance to the study of the history, war, religion, migration, production, love, and folklore of the Miao people.

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