'We Talk': French teacher enjoys personnel exchange in China
Global Stringer

On June 22, during his official visit to France, Chinese Premier Li Qiang pointed out that with the coming year marking the 60th anniversary since diplomatic ties were established between China and France, as well as the Year of Culture and Tourism between the two countries, and the Paris Olympic Games, both sides foresee personnel exchanges reaching a new high. Meanwhile, the people of China and France have also maintained close and friendly exchanges.

Dhia Nemri, a 31-year-old French Tunisian teacher, has been working and living in China for more than five years. Dhia is surprised to found out about the high degree of digitization in China, where only a smartphone is needed to enjoy a convenient lifestyle. During the holidays, he enjoys traveling around China, experiencing the local culture and sharing his experiences with others. He often receives warm help from the locals, which gives him a warm-hearted and safe feeling. 

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