Mapping Chinese modernization: Experiencing 'eco-friendly cooling stations' in Wuhan
Global Stringer

A low-carbon lifestyle means that people reducing energy consumption in their daily lives in order to reduce carbon emissions, especially carbon dioxide. In short, living a low-carbon lifestyle is carrying out our daily activities in a more eco-friendly way.

In recent years, China has seen the world's largest increase in forest resources and the largest afforestation area, developed one of the world's fastest reductions in energy consumption intensity, increased renewable energy development and utilization, new energy vehicle production and sales rank first in the world, and more. A green and low-carbon lifestyle has gradually been integrated into all aspects of people's lives and has become a new trend.

Wuhan is known as one of the four ovens of China. In the hot summer, let's follow Marissa, an American girl who lives here, to take a look at the local "no air conditioning" eco-friendly cooling spot, and see how the local government has transformed a bomb shelter into a place where people can gather in the summer.

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