Unexplored Land Ep. 7: Together, we grow old

Sichuan snub-nosed monkeys Diudiu and his younger sister were born less than a month ago. The sprouts of plants are the best source of nutrition for mother takins after giving birth. The calves at more than a month old need breast milk to grow sturdily. The Sichuan snub-nosed monkey and the takin have relatively large populations in the Qinling Mountains. 

About 'Journeys in Nature': Unexplored Land

Unexplored Land travels from the Qinling Mountains in northwest China's Shaanxi Province to southwest China's Yunnan Province, from the Changbai Mountains in northeast China to Jiangsu Province in east China. The stories offer an insight into the life of many unique species in China. A huge quantity of priceless footage was obtained through many hours of patient waiting and tracking in the field. Stay tuned!

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(Cover image is a video screenshot; video shot by the CGTN Nature film crew)

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