Asian Elephant Sanctuary Ep. 12: A tree hole is also a natural nursery

As the rainforest is jam-packed with plants, the animal residents have to resort to an extra measure to make the most of the cramped space. Making good use of tree holes is a good choice. For the Oriental pied hornbill, a tree hole is not only a dwelling, but also a natural nursery. Since the hatchings, the female will hide herself inside the hole to guard the house reserved for her future babies. Check out the video to learn about their stories.

About 'Journeys in Nature': Asian Elephant Sanctuary Series

In 2021, 16 Asian elephants left their habitat and embarked on a journey northward. Their unusual trip puzzled millions of viewers on the internet. Eventually, after a 17-month odyssey, the herd returned to their home. To find out what sparked this magnificent trek and get closer to this fascinating species, CGTN Nature traveled to Yunnan Province and discovered some interesting stories about these big guys. Stay tuned for the new series: Asian Elephant Sanctuary!

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