One Global Future, four famous faces: what’s your 2018 dream?
What does Global Future mean to you?
If you had 30 seconds to explain how you would change the world in 2018 — even a small corner of it — what would you say?
Over the next 12 months there will be chances to make a difference to your life, your neighborhood, your country and the world, opportunities to work with others to make the future a little brighter for everyone.
CGTN wants to hear your dreams for 2018. To give you a nudge, we turned to four inspirational, world-famous individuals — three women and one man — to discover their visions for a Global Future.

Global Future is… a world where women are at least on a par with men

Christine Lagarde, one of the highest-profile figures in the world for over a decade, was named the globe's eighth most powerful woman in 2017 by Forbes. 
“Global Future is thinking about the youth and the next generation, and making sure that we hand over to them a future that is better than what ours was.”
 -  Christine Lagarde
The managing director of the International Monetary Fund has a wish for the future that is common but unachieved: equality for women and passing a legacy to our children that betters our own.

Global Future is… peace and human rights across the planet

Jimmy Carter was the president of the United States from 1977 to 1981, and over the past four decades has dedicated his life to improving the fortunes of others. The Carter Center operates across the world, going to places others won’t to provide medicine, development expertise and even mediate in conflict zones. 
"For everyone to understand each other and to work harmoniously with each other is what the world needs to learn how to do."
 -  Jimmy Carter
The former president wants a world in which all families can live in peace, with adequate education, in a decent home, unthreatened by diseases.

Global Future is... a world where all of our lives matter 

Black Lives Matter is the progressive movement taking on racial prejudices and injustice, fighting to end inequality between and within all walks of life. It started in the United States but has spread to the world. 
“Global Future is where we live interdependently, connected and all moving together in search of our common destiny and our common dignity.”
 -  Alicia Garza
Co-founder Alicia Garza told CGTN that Global Future is “where black lives matter so that all our lives matter.”

Global Future is… putting humanity at the center of technology

Arianna Huffington achieved worldwide fame with the eponymous Huffington Post, the liberal online media sensation that started in the US and established footholds across the globe.
“While augmented reality is amazing, augmented humanity is going to be even more important.”
 -  Arianna Huffington
In 2016 Huffington launched Thrive Global, a health and wellness movement. She told CGTN that Global Future means ensuring advances in technology always have humanity at their heart.

Global Future is... what do you think?

You’ve heard one of the world’s most powerful women, a former US president, a social movement leader and a media entrepreneur voice their thoughts … so what about you?
What are you looking forward to in 2018 and what does Global Future mean to you?
Post your 30-second video, or comments, on CGTN's social media platforms, and we will share your vision of a Global Future with the world.
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