CGTN Nature: Shennongjia Series | Episode 7: Mysterious Springs
Updated 11:28, 09-Feb-2019
In this hidden valley, no constant streams can be found; yet there are traces of rivers on the soggy ground. The mysterious springs will reveal themselves, and the waves will be strong. This is a promise with nature for countless millennia, all year round.
About CGTN Nature
In the eight-episode Shennongjia Series, we are presenting the special climate and stunning views of this region, as well as the inhabiting precious flora and fauna that are unique to China. The Sichuan snub-nosed monkeys, the sika deer, the Chinese giant salamander and the dove tree; thousands of representative species gather here in an area of only 3,252 square kilometers. The global biodiversity brings into full play in the mountains and valleys of this wildlife paradise.

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