Learning Chinese Ep2: Appreciating the beauty of diversity
Updated 22:07, 20-May-2019
By Li Jingjing and Qi Jianqiang
Nowadays, people increasingly see our world as not limited to only one type of beauty, no matter whether it's about people, arts, or cultures.
How do we cope with a world of different cultures, different civilizations? Turns out, Chinese sociologist Fei Xiaotong already gave a wise solution in 1990 at the age of 90.
What does that phrase mean? Please check out the second episode of "Let's Learn Some Chinese!"
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On-Camera Reporter: Li Jingjing
Scriptwriter: Li Jingjing
Filmed by Qi Jianqiang
Video Editor: Qi Jianqiang
Animation: Qi Jianqiang 
Copy Editor: John Goodrich
Producer: Wen Yaru
Chief Editor: Lin Dongwei
Supervisor: Pang Xinhua