CGTN Travel: China's best tourist destinations for February

As the first month of this year is coming to an end, the most important festival of China, Spring Festival is just around the corner. Unsure where to go? Check out our list and prepare for a wonderful February trip!

Shanghai, east China

Shanghai surrounded by the Huangpu River. /VCG Photo 

Shanghai surrounded by the Huangpu River. /VCG Photo 

In February, Shanghai is warming up and the city's alleys are opening up again and showing off their diversity. Jinxian road is full of fashion and trendy stores, Hengshan road maintains its historical style. Guyang road is famous for its Japanese style and Huanghe and Yunnan roads are very popular too these days. 

The city runs at such a high speed that these alleys are hidden due to being off the beaten track, but whether you want a small boutique or local market, there is always something to satisfy your interests.

Not into outdoor activities? Shanghai offers a range of exhibitions, museums and art galleries-a window onto contemporary Chinese concerns. The artists here are the people who know life best and also know how to dream best.

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Hong Kong, south China

Hong Kong at night. /VCG Photo

Hong Kong at night. /VCG Photo

Hong Kong has a thousand forms-fast and slow, dynamic and quiet, urban and traditional. Staying in Hong Kong is like time traveling. 

For a more unique Hong Kong experience, try visiting the outlying islands and countryside. These places offer a pure and simple Hong Kong that is rarely seen by tourists. 

In Shi'ao, you can get a full view of the sea and mountains. In Saigon, which is known as the Back Garden of Hong Kong, hiking trips on the MacLeho Trail are a great choice. In the fishing village of Da'ao, you can go sailing on the crisscrossing waterways and discover the warm local life on the water.

A lot of people's first impression of Hong Kong comes from the famous movies made here in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Known as "Eastern Hollywood", scenes from the big screen have made it a dream destination for many film lovers. 

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Chengdu, Sichuan Province, SW China

Pandas from Chengdu. /VCG Photo

Pandas from Chengdu. /VCG Photo

While the northwest of China is suffering from extreme cold, SW China's Chengdu is embracing warmth. Chengdu is no great draw when it comes to major tourist sites – pandas excepted, of course – but many visitors find its laid-back pace and the diversity of its cultural scenes unexpectedly engaging.

It could be its relaxing teahouse culture. Maybe it's the lively nightlife, with a strong showing of local partiers bolstered by large student and expat populations that gather at craft beer bars and super-hip clubs. It might be the food: famous for its spice, history and variety, even among the cuisine-rich cultures of China, and very much a point of pride.

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Sanya, Hainan, south China

Coastal Hainan. /VCG Photo

Coastal Hainan. /VCG Photo

With sunshine all year round, temperatures in Sanya hover around 25°C even in February. Its islands and beaches are beautiful and the water in Yalong Bay and Dadonghai are clean enough to swim in, but you may also want to head to Wuzhizhou Island or further north to visit unspoiled natural scenery.

As the southernmost city in China, Sanya often serves as the last stop for backpackers who wish to spend the remaining days of their visa in the country. But remember to book your tickets and hotel in advance because the city will be flooded with tourists from north China escaping from the cold. 

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Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, NE China

 Ice & Snow Festival in Harbin. /VCG Photo

 Ice & Snow Festival in Harbin. /VCG Photo

Instead of fleeing the cold, do you want to embrace it and experience something seasonal? In that case, Harbin might be a good choice.

Harbin is a dreamlike city that is silver-coated in February. Its unique northeastern folklore and Russian culture make it one-of-a-kind in China. It has many other beautiful names such as Little Siberia, Little Paris of the East and The City of Ice and Snow. Each name relates to Harbin's stories and memories.

Harbin's heritage is one of the best explored during February because winter is when Harbin really heats up. As host of the world-class Harbin Ice & Snow Festival, the ice sculpture competition theme park will be so immersive that you will feel like Queen Elsa! 

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