Chinese cities light up to welcome 2019
Updated 15:03, 03-Jan-2019
In celebration of the 2019 New Year holiday, cities across China have been decorated with festive lights of various shapes and colors. These celebratory lights offer spectacular views that impart incomparable charm to Chinese cities.
During the three-day New Year holiday, these jubilant lights are a must for every city, whether it's on the east coast, the inland to the west, the frozen north or the warm south.
Chinese lanterns remain the most traditional and popular form of festive lighting.   
In Urumqi City, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a lantern show is performed at the Xinjiang International Exhibition Center to welcome the New Year with light and colors. The dazzling show, that features Chinese cultural themes, attracts many visitors every year.
"I truly get the sense that Urumqi is getting bigger and bigger, better and better. As a Xinjiang resident, I feel really proud," said a local resident surnamed Shen.
The lantern show also makes use of resin to mimic giant ice sculptures.
In such a joyful atmosphere it's easy for visitors to share the feeling that they are heading toward a better future as they embrace a new year.