Explore Beijing's Street Food: Niujie
Niujie is a neighborhood at Guang'anmen, in Xicheng District in southwest Beijing, China. It is an ethnic, cultural street with a long history. More than 20 ethnic groups are living here, and the snacks here are also full of ethnic characteristics.
Talking of food and snacks, you may be overwhelmed, especially facing the traditional food. That's why we are here to help. Follow CGTN reporter and discover the delicious snacks in Niujie.
Perhaps because the street is so famous for its snacks, there were long lines at the snack shops when the reporter arrived. It seems that eating good food requires both experience and patience.
As in the previous program, the food tour is still a ten U.S. dollars (around 70 RMB) trip. But the price of Niujie snacks is relatively affordable, so the reporter seemed to taste a lot of delicious items.
The reporter experienced the traditional Beijing breakfast this time, including Aiwowo, Rolling Donkey or Ludagunr, a kind of glutinous rice rolls with sweet bean flour, Flour Tea. Of course, he tried fermented mung bean milk as well.
But unlike his Qianmen experience, the reporter tried the fermented mung bean milk himself this time. Want to know what the reporter's reaction was? Click on the video to explore it.
Follow CGTN and explore the delicious street food in China, and only for ten dollars.
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