Carrie Lam urges rioters to stop vandalizing public facilities
Updated 21:08, 10-Sep-2019

The entrance to Hong Kong's Central MTR Station was set ablaze by rioters on September 8. As such, one of the city's major transport hubs, located in the financial district, had to be closed down.

Carrie Lam, chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), held a press conference on the protests, while HKSAR suffers from escalating violence and protests since June. 


Small business owners hit hard by recurring violence 

It is not the first time that locals have condemned such violent behaviors, which severely impacted the HKSAR's stability, economy, public safety and lives. 


Despite Lam's formal withdrawal of the fugitive bill last Wednesday, HKSAR is still dealing with violence, which has worsened the business environment of HKSAR in the past three months. 

Small business owners, including taxi driver, nail salon owner and real estate broker, said the riot is destroying their livelihoods and turning the city into a less favorable place for business. 

Restoring peace and stability is still priority 

Lam said at the briefing  that the HKSAR government is "very sincere" in initiating a platform for dialogue.

"Violence does not help solve the society's problems," she said, pledging more dialogues with people from different walks of life and with different opinions to solve the "root" of the problem.

"We should say no to violence," Lam said, reiterating that the first priority for Hong Kong is to restore peace and order as soon as possible.