World Computer Congress 2019: Official calls for more openness in China
Updated 20:52, 11-Sep-2019

China's computer industry is standing at the crossroads, and openness is a key to a brighter future, said a CPPCC official at the World Computer Congress (WCC) 2019 held on Tuesday in China's Changsha.

Liu Lihua, Deputy Head of the CPPCC's Committee for Economic Affairs, made his speech at the opening ceremony praising China's recent achievement in the computer field.

"China has completed building a whole industry chain of computers, making great contribution to the global development of computer industry," he said.

Liu was a former deputy minister of China's Ministry of Industry and IT.

A most critical part of computers is designed in the U.S. and built in China. After the China-U.S. trade war broke out, the eastern Asian country became aware of the necessity of developing its own computing tech. In recent years, many Chinese companies invested big money into computer parts business, pushing the domestic research forward in a hope to match with their U.S. competitors.

In the core chip field alone, Chinese companies have made great progress by building one of the best supercomputer chips, one of the most competitive smartphone SoCs in the market "Kirin 990 5G" and many desktop and laptop CPUs including self-designed Loongson series.

Attendees of the WCC check on a China's domestically-built server computer. /VCG Photo

Attendees of the WCC check on a China's domestically-built server computer. /VCG Photo

The World Computer Congress 2019

Starting from Monday, the three-day event will see forums and exhibitions on computational ecology, internet security, and AI algorithms.

With the theme of "calculating the world of all things, embracing the future", the event is the first world-class computer conference approved by the State Council to be held in China.

Although the event shares the same name with the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)'s flagship conference, the holders of WCC 2019 denied any relations with the organization to CGTN Digital.

The event attracts top experts and scholars of computer science including winners of Nobel Prize and Turing Award and 11 academicians from all around the world.

Nine theme forums will be held on Wednesday with focus on the urgent issues about the computer, in a bid to provide a better understanding of the development of the global computing industry and cutting-edge technologies and inspire innovative business thinking.

The topics will mainly cover the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, AI, computer chips, industrial internet, and so forth.

Meanwhile, the congress will hold an exhibition on the achievements in the application of innovative technologies and products selected from 56 enterprises.

The new generation of information technology – cloud computing, big data, IoT, mobile internet, AI, blockchain, quantum technology – has become an important engine driving industrial transformation and social and economic development.

(Video shot and edited by Ge Kai and Cao Qingqing. Story written by Cao Qingqing and Gong Zhe.)