Landmarks of Macao: A-Ma Temple
By She Jingwei

This episode of Landmarks of Macao takes you to one of Macao's iconic sights — A-Ma Temple, where visitors can soak in rich and profound Chinese culture as well as unique folk customs.

Situated in the southeast of the Macao Peninsula, A-Ma Temple, literally referring to the Goddess of Seafarers, is the oldest temple in Macao with a history of around 530 years. The temple was built to commemorate Mazu, the goddess of the sea, who is believed to bless Macanese fishermen and sailors on their voyages.

A-Ma Temple, Macao, China.

A-Ma Temple, Macao, China.

Boasting classical architecture and rich local culture, the temple features six main parts: the Gate Pavilion, the Memorial Arch, the Prayer Hall, the Hall of Benevolence, Zhengjiao Chanlin Pavillion and the Hall of Guanyin. Entering the temple and going across a gateway, visitors will arrive at Hongren Hall by a winding path where they can easily view the Mazu statue.

Today, A-Ma Temple is noted as one of the high-profile historic centers of Macao and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. At almost every traditional Chinese holiday people flock here to burn incense and make offerings for peace and prosperity.

Travel information

Transportation: Visitors can take bus lines 1, 2, 6B, 10A, 10, 11, 18, 21A, 26, 28B, 55, MT4, N3 to A-Ma Temple; they can also take bus 5, 9, or 18B to A-Ma Temple General Station.

Opening hours: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Entrance fee: Free

(Cover image designed by Du Chenxin and Li Jingjie)